Thursday, September 8, 2011

You are such a spaz...

At school yesterday, in P.E. (we were still just sitting on the bleachers because P.E. hasn't officially started yet) my friend Salinna comes running up and throws her backpack on the ground and yells that she couldn't fit it in her locker.

This is the calm way that Salinna should have acted-

Instead, Salinna chose to respond to the situation like so- 

That poor, cute little backpack :(

Oh and here's a little fun fact- Prisoners have more time to eat lunch then we do at my school. 

Abby Noel


Miss Cortni said...

lockers are freaking small - don't blame her! and unfortunately we all don't have dora back packs so oh well hahah ;D

- <3

Salinna. said...


Jodie-AnnDuhBawwss. said...


Hazel said...

We don't have lockers over here! We have to carry our schoolbags with us everywhere, with every book in it for that day! For P.E they just stayed in the changing room.

Princess Olivielagail said...

OMG you should make a post about our princesshood! RANDOM lol but I'm special!

ishashime said...

lolwhat Salinna. xD

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