Sunday, September 11, 2011

If only I could be learning like, equations and stuff, like the average human being.

It's been only a week, and I've already been pushed against countless walls, looked at the way someone would look at an old rotten corn dog, and literally pushed into a trash can. (Well, the trash can thing happened at church.) (Which I now realize doesn't make it any better)

But even with all of this happening, I've managed to learn some things.

1. When there is a cute boy in your Journalism class, who wears really cute glasses but unfortunately also happens to be a junior, don't stare at him. He will see you. (S, you know who you are)

2. When you realize you're wearing the same sweater as an upperclassman ahead of you in the lunch line, flee.
(Even though I was taller then her and it will definitely happen again because I really like that sweater. The shear terror was added simply for comedic effect.)  

3. Every cute boy you find either is a senior or has a girlfriend.  Get over it. He will not be asking you to prom. 

4. Eventually you are going to be trampled and pushed into a wall. If you're super lucky, you get to go through it on the first day of school. 

5. Remember all those people that you didn't like in middle school? THEY ARE STILL HERE.

6. People will hate on your blog for the simple fact that it isn't on Tumblr.

7. Just because you meet a guy you think is cute and funny doesn't mean you should compliment him anonymously on his tumblr. He'll probably find out who you are, and be disappointed that someone better didn't think he was cute.  :( 

8. You might just be better off saving yourself the embarrassment and keeping your mouth shut when you like someone.  

Abby Noel 


Salinna (: said...

HAHAHAHA. Well maybe he didn't notice I was staring at him....
And lol 6,7, and 8. :)

Amelia Elliott said...

Awh! Stay strong! Love your drawing:)

Neha said...

True. Or at least that's what my cousin says.I'm ten, btw.

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