Friday, September 2, 2011

Freshman day....Oh Man

Freshman day was seriously the most terrifying thing I've ever experienced. (Aside from "getting attacked" by an animatronic spider, but that's another story) 

Just walking in the door, we were mobbed by three billion teachers/staff that all lined up, clapping and cheering. It was horrific. 

Later that day, while the guidance counselor was talking to our group, my friend Salinna and I (Hi Salinna!) were sitting in the front of the room, right next to the guidance counselor. She was showing us a paper that explained something-or-whatever (that no one was actually paying attention to) and she didn't realize that she was holding the paper upside down even though she looked at it like five times.  I could hardly contain my laughter and I felt like a complete idiot because I was the only one laughing. *sigh* I have no self control when it comes to laughing.

Also, just knowing the people that are going to be freshman with me, I can guarantee that a lot of people will make at least one of these mistakes-

But it won't really be their fault. I mean, with all the effort they put into choosing the shirt and jewelry, I would forget my pants too. 

Do you have any high school freshman horror stories? Comment!

Abby Noel


Gabby said...

I am going to be a senior. Trust me, freshman day is much worse when you're an upperclassman trying to control freshman day haha

degilio said...

oh wow just saying but no one i know is stupid anoth to were on of those imma freshman t-shirt i mean really!!! lol

ishashime said...

nothing eventful happened when i was a high school freshie, but when i was a college freshie, i swear i looked just like that drawing of yours. i did remember to wear pants, though.

ah. good times, good times. :)

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