Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ask Abby- New day!

In case you missed the memo, the Ask Abby posts are now going to be on Thursdays. So here are all the questions I've been horribly ignoring for the past few weeks.

Jeanne asked- 
Hi Abby!
I just discovered your blog and i really love it! I\'m planning to make my own blog and i wonder why you\'re using blogspot...Thanx! 
Thank you very much :) I use blogspot because 1) it's free. That's always a plus. 2) It's really easy to use. You never really need to know anything about anything to be able to have an awesome blog, or else I wouldn't be blogging at all, and 3) It's really fun getting to know other people who use blogspot because everyone is interesting and has their own unique blogging style.
If you end up make a blog here, make sure to send me your URL! 

Jeanne also asked- 
My best friend that i haven\'t seen for 1 year, is coming to visit me. I would love to make her a really original present (not too expensive)...Do you have any idea what i can give to her?  
I have a few ideas- if she's artistic (if she likes to write or draw) you could get her a nice notebook and decorate the cover with pictures of the two of you, then use the first page to write a note to her. It's not too difficult to do and it has a personal touch. On the other hand, if you like to draw, you could draw a cartoon of the two of you or a favorite memory. Hope this helps! 

Kaya asked-
Hi! Do you have some good blogs like yours to recommend?Thank you!
I'm glad you asked, actually, because I've been forgetting to mention this! All of my favorite blogs are now listed on my sidebar in the order of who posted most recently. Take a look, I love them, so there's a good chance you will too. (By the way, that list is always changing, so if you have any blogs you love, tell me about them!)

Okay, that's all I have this week, but don't forget to send in your own questions for next week! 

Abby Noel 


Jeanne said...

Thank you very much for these awsome ideas!



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