Friday, October 12, 2012

I love you! Take me back!

That felt weird...I momentarily became a crazy ex-girlfriend...

Is that how people at my school feel everyday? *shudders at the thought*

But I really do want you guys to take me back. I like blogging and I miss constantly having new followers to talk to but I am SO LAZY. I'm going to try to post more often...the keyword being "try". 

So to try to earn back your love, here is a ridiculously over dramatic short story that I wrote today in three minutes before my creative writing class started  (because doing homework at home is so last season) 

It was a moderately dark and not so stormy night. The whole village of LeTownName was having a hard time sleeping because a dangerous villain was on the loose. The village's top detective, Marigold Mattersnot, was working on the case. 
She knew that she had to catch the villain fast because according to reports, the villain was guilty of the most terrible crime.....being evil. *Dramatic music*
Marigold was having a hard time solving the case because there were only 1 and 1/2 eyewitnesses to the evilness. Unfortunately, the one was in Aruba and the half was somewhere off of highway 96, so they were useless. 
Refusing to fail the one case that would verify nothing but the fact that no one else in the village ever got off the couch expect her, Marigold decided to sneak into an abandoned house for no apparent reason. She began coughing; maybe because of her overwhelming desire for justice, or maybe because of her allergies. 
Whatever the reason, her coughing fit caused a small bundle in the corner of the room begin to move. 
Marigold walked to the bundle and saw... (Pause for dramatic effect.)(No, not yet.)(Just a little longer.)(Okay, now!) ...a cat! Based on it's menacing purrs and violent swishing of it's horrible, fluffy tail, Marigold knew it was the evil villain. 
While translating the cat's Miranda Rights into meows, Marigold rode off into the sunset, victorious. 

The End. 

Abby Noel


stage daughter said...

i guess i will take you back...

haha and yes yes that is how we feel...just kidding *cough* *cough* mostly haha bye Abby

Jeanne said...

Hi! A very very long time ago I asked you on ask abby why it's better to use blogspot. And now I have FINNALY made this blog:

I hope you'll like it, cuz' I absolutely LOVE yours!

Thanks abby for everything

Abbynoel24 said...

Hey! I'm so glad you finally got a blog! I can't read anything right now becuase I'm insanely busy but I just wanted to say welcome to blogger :) I'm definitly going to be reading through your blog when I get a chance!

Jeanne said...

Oh well thanks! If you have a little time, tell me if you like it!

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