Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The part of my brain that comes up with titles fell asleep three hours ago.

As you all know, my family just moved recently and I don't know too many people. Normally it would take me some time to find some friends and start working on any sort of project, but I've managed to break that pattern.

We were just getting some library cards when the librarian told me about a film group for teens that's based out of the library. Coincidentally auditions for the new film they're doing were going to happen the next day. I wasn't sure if it was something I wanted to do (since I didn't know a soul there) but I'm glad my parents managed to convince me to try it out.
I thought I completely blew the audition because I was really awkward, but I ended up getting two parts! Today was our first day of filming the parts with my character, and it was probably the most fun and hilarious but miserable and exhausting thing I've done. We were choreographing a fight scene. In the sun. And humidity. For an hour and a half. Let's just say I have a new-found respect for the actors in any movie that's filmed outside of an air conditioned building.

What is really exciting about this movie is that there is going to be a big showing at the library (yes, the PUBLIC library) and then the movie will be on DVD that people can check out from the library. That means real people are going to watch this! Eep!

Abby Noel

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Dustin Fox said...

I'm totally jealous. I wish my one-horse town had something like that!

Abbynoel24 said...

You could always start something! Just convince (force) a few of your friends to help :)

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