Friday, November 11, 2011

New Layout? I Think Yes.

I'm kind of starting to hate my layout, I've had it for so long. 

I'm thinking of getting something lighter and happier-looking. 

I seriously hate even looking at right now, it's just so....Bleh.

Thoughts? Do you think I should change it?

Abby Noel 


Mom said...

Snowflakes, ornaments, snowman, holly something for the winter just for me, please

x::november::x said...

Hey :) There's this great website called Shabby Blogs (google it) and they give free HTML code and downloads for really awesome backgrounds, headers, and all sorts of cool extras... I'm using one of their backgrounds actually.

p.s. I like the ask Abby idea ;)

-abbey j

TheGirlWithTheNotepad said...

I do like your design- but if you want a change, something a bit fresher, brighter, maybe? You could add a header instead of your title.

Michelle said...

Maybe some thing a tad more subtle and not so loud?

Anonymous said...

Like that you got a new layout, but I don't really like this particular layout

XXX Nina

ishashime said...

well, i kind of like black and white so this is cool with me. :)

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